Ep#16 – How to cultivate inner calm w/Claire Bradshaw

Have you noticed how calm you feel when you’re in nature, on holiday, writing, creating, dancing, swimming……?  You feel present, you’re not worrying about the past or the future. You’re in the moment of flow.

And when we’re in this place we feel relaxed, we allow fresh ideas and inspiration to come through to us. Because we’ve created space from our incessant thinking. But what if we could feel more like this in the day to day, no matter what happens to us, no matter if nothing goes our way? Where we literally feel this sense of calm and ease even when everything around us is hectic; trains are late, car breaks down, we have a sleepless night….But still we are cool as a cucumber.

In this episode you’ll learn:

My 10 top tips to finding inner calm in the day to day:

  1. Tidy up
  2. Write it all down & prioritise
  3. Plants, plants, plants
  4. Essential oils
  5. Grounding
  6. Conscious breathing
  7. Set some boundaries
  8. Move your body
  9. Stillness
  10. Enquire and journal

This is really just the start though.  As we delve deeper, as we slow down, magic reveals itself and our lives begin aligning in the way we truly desire them to. It’s really got to be experienced to be believed.

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