Hi, I’m Claire

Wellness Life Coach, Yoga Teacher & Podcast Host

I support busy women like you to stress less & drop the overwhelm, to become full of energy, connected and with a sense of purpose in life!

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I’m a yoga loving, food loving, teeny weeny 30 something travel addict, who loves the great outdoors – nature nature nature, with the odd crazy adventure thrown in.

I’m also a lady on a quest to find more clarity and meaning from life, and to live with authenticity, vulnerability and compassion.



Working with Claire has been truly amazing. Claire has helped me achieve and realise things I never would have on my own. Having someone to talk to and discuss my hopes and dreams, my fears and anxieties and to help me work out what’s important to me has been liberating. It enabled me to take time for reflection on my own life, realise things about myself, my own situation and what I wanted to achieve for myself and I’d never really put that much time into me before.


Melbourne, Australia

Claire's coaching has been a true blessing. I felt so comfortable telling her about the things I wanted to work on and improve and not at all judged just totally heard. Claire is so understanding and really supportive, I felt totally guided and in safe hands!

Setting goals and actions was a really practical way of changing behaviours for the better and organising my life better. I have learnt so much from Claire, all which you can really apply to your life and see results! The level of care and wisdom Claire gave in each session was really useful for everyday life but also deeply healing.

I am honestly so grateful for your gift of coaching , it was one of the best decisions I have ever made, thank you Claire

Ann Clare

Valencia, Spain

Claire helped me so much when going through a tough time in life. A relationship ended, was looking for a career change and a new flat! Big stresses all round. Her advice helped a lot. Upping the protein with plenty of quinoa and dark greens, as well as swapping red wine for soda water (every other trip to the pub) gave me the energy I needed to make some shifts. Probably I am most grateful to her being an ear for the things I was thinking and feeling at the time. She listened without judgement and offered really helpful tips to work with my mind rather than against! Am in a much better place now, new gorgeous flat, and have opened a new yoga studio with a friend...new boyfriend can wait. I fully recommend Claire as a wellness life coach to help make those alignments in life.


London, UK

Claire’s consultation came at just the right time for me – I’d started a new job, which required me to move to a new city, and was struggling to find time to exercise and eat well. She was lovely and understanding from the outset, easy to talk to and full of positivity. She's really knowledgeable and gave me some great practical tips on healthy eating, and suggestions for how I could make subtle changes to my lifestyle that would give me the energy boost I needed. Since we spoke, I've definitely improved my diet and made time for more exercise - as well as all-important relaxation. It was a really valuable, thought-provoking experience and I think everyone could benefit from Claire's holistic insights.


Bristol, UK