Ep #51 – Expand your energy w/ Arianna Pienaar

Arianna is a Reiki Master Practitioner, a Mentor to conscious creatives and business owners, and Founder of Rituals of Grace, a subtle aromatherapy company dedicated to serving individuals who want to foster the best in self care, self love, and self expression.

Ari is also one of my soul sisters, we bonded over discussions about energy medicine & the chakra system 4 years ago. Constantly practicing, applying and delving deeper into greater self understanding has brought absolute joy and meaning into my life & it’s been fun to do with such an incredible and intuitive friend.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • What is energy & what is the chakra system
  • How working with the chakra system can help to enrich your life from a psycho somatic, & emotional perspective
  • How to connect to the intuitive heart space
  • Enjoy a beautiful heart connection practice led by Arianna
  • The connection between human fear experienced in 2020 & the chakra system
  • How to work with the emotion of fear during these uncertain times

Arianna’s latest offering – Lessons in Truth, a 12 week program that begins on Sept 1st 2020, is the natural progression from Arianna’s previous programs & 1:1 soul mentoring packages, in supporting women to feel Supported. Seen. Heard. Valued & Guided on their path to wholeness. She helps Conscious Creatives & Leaders to re-align their energy to step into their personal power.

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