Ep #47 – Womb wisdom w/ Amanda Waaldyk

Wow, do I have a deep episode for you this week! This is one for all the ladies. Amanda and I delve into the importance of connecting more deeply with our womanhood ; our wombs, our cycles and the earth and how all of this connects to Chinese medicine and spirituality

Amanda Waaldyk is the founder and director of Angea Women’s health clinic in Melbourne, an integrative Chinese medicine practice with a focus on fertility, female endocrinology and supporting Woman through every phase of life. Amanda’s practice is soul meets science, guiding her patients to ultimate health by providing a whole body approach.

Amanda is a Doctor of Chinese medicine, yoga and meditation teacher, hormone expert and energy healer. Amanda empowers and educates her clients to reconnect with their inherent body wisdom, navigate their way back to balance (naturally) and live the happiest and most thriving version of their lives.

In this episode we cover:

  • What’s happening in the body during acupuncture and cupping
  • The often overlooked importance of being fully seen and heard
  • The main women’s health issues right now and the contributory factors
  • The connection between Chinese medicine and spirituality
  • What a womb whisper is
  • Whether PMT is natural
  • How to create a healthy menstrual cycle
  • The connection between the health of women today, society and the environment

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