Ep #44 – My journey to wholeness so far……

Another solo episode from me this week. I’m talking about my journey to wholeness so far…..

I delve into some of the big experiences that I’ve had that literally woke me up to see how I was the common denominator in all of things that weren’t working in my life. And so from this place I began my inner journey of discovery to uncover the areas that I was holding myself back – the thought patterns that weren’t serving me, the ways I was reacting to situations, the pressure I was placing on myself. By doing this I’ve been able to bring myself back to place of calm, of presence, acceptance, compassion and connectedness to my heart and intuition – to my wholeness.

So many of us are living solely from our heads, our logical thinking mind that we’ve forgotten how to listen to and build a relationship with the other parts of self – our bodies, hearts, intuition, soul. The head is often so focussed on getting more, on proving itself, of competition, planning, worrying, separation. Of course it can be an incredible tool if we use it right. But if we lead with the head and fail to connect with our hearts, with what’s real and authentic then we can become confused, we can lose ourselves in looking for things – material goods, relationships, food, work promotions to fill ourselves up, rather than finding that sense of wholeness within.

I’d love to hear from you. Let me know if my journey resonates with you and if you’ve had any ‘aha’ moments from listening to it.

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