Ep #25 – Going with the flow w/ Josje Leyten

In this episode I speak with Josje Leyten, a New Zealand born visual artist, creative, storyteller and sailor.  She has an incredible story that’s involved following her intuition at a young age and and has led to her heading on incredible adventures across the world. After having sailed over 40,000 nautical miles across multiple oceans, she now has land legs and travels around Australia creating art and videos along the way with the intention to cultivate creativity and connection.

Josje has followed what lights her up and brings joy in her life and then shares this with others via her Ramatree website selling her artwork and publishing videos.  She has chosen an adventurous life path, but one that also takes a lot of courage and bravery to go against the society norm. She truly is following her bliss, and it seems to be working out pretty well for her.

  • Hear about the events that led to Josje spending 4 years on a sailing boat across the Pacific
  • The inner experiences that Josje felt into whilst being surrounded by the ocean and away from the distractions of daily life
  • The experience of transitionary periods in life, what they teach us and how we can grow from them

To find more about Josje head to: 

  • Insta: @_rama.tree

I hope you enjoy the episode.

All my love

Claire x

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