Why it’s time to listen to your body

I’ve just returned home after a 7 week adventure around Asia – Japan, Taiwan and Thailand with my husband. It was a trip of the yang{est} of yang and the yin{est} of yin. Think Tokyo tower blocks, shops, crowds and frenetic city life mixed with beaches, nature, meditation and being. This trip was truly a mix of the yin and the yang. And it reminded me once again of the importance of finding balance in life. Of balancing the yin and the yang.

When we are go go go all the time, living in cities, sitting for 8 hours straight in an office cubicle, fuelling ourselves with multiple cups of coffee, take away food, followed by a gruelling gym session, then we are very much living in the yang. 

This way of living was so apparent in Tokyo, Japan. I’d sit and watch as 100’s of salary men would pass me by in their white shirts, black trousers and black briefcase. There was a uniformity, a lack of energy and spirit for life, and an underlying sadness, all in the name of working till they dropped.

And there are so many people on this grind all over the world. It’s pretty much the norm if you live in a city and work in a corporate job.

And this  way of living might feel ok for a while.

Until it’s no longer ok.

You see, many of the Eastern philosophies allude to this fact of nature – if we don’t bring more yin activities into our lives – nature walks, meditation, mindful movement – tai chi, yoga, yin, deep breathing, eating fruits and veg and drinking water and tea to balance it all out, then at some point our body will tell us that it’s had enough.

This can look like burn out.  Exhaustion. Irritability. Anxiety/depression. Lack of excitement for life. Boredom. Or can even manifest itself physically in stomach issues, headaches, and skin rashes.

And If we don’t listen to the body crying out for rest, then it will it slap us around until we do listen. 

Does this sound familar?

And this message came through loud and clear while we were staying at a wellness & spiritual resort in Koh Phangnan. Nestled in the jungle and on the beach, the location was truly special.

While we were there I met so many beautiful people that were burned out, exhausted, recovering from auto-immune issues, physical injuries…..

They were all looking for healing, for answers, to get well and stay well.

And there was a residing message that was coming through. They’d pushed their body for so many years – striving, hustling at work for the next promotion, to get more done and to prove themselves and their worth, that eventually their body had said enough is enough.

And this is such a common story I hear from clients and sadly it’s on the rise. It seriously breaks my heart to see the pain that people are experiencing (it happened to me too, read my story here)

You see many of us have been conditioned to believe that we are only someone of value in the world if we are proving ourselves to be successful at work, making good money, have a house, a car, perfect skin, perfect children, relationship….

It’s exhausting.

Our identity can be so caught up with this, that we can push ourselves to the limit just to keep up. 

But at what cost?

Lovely, if you have been going hard at work.  If you have been pushing yourself and you’re beginning to feel exhausted, or ‘over it’ then please know that this is an indication that it’s time to bring about changes in your life.

Your body and soul are ready to make some loving changes.

Ask yourself;

‘How does my body feel?’

‘What do I need?’

‘What can I give myself in the form of nourishment – fresh food, fresh air, rest?’ 

I work with my clients on creating new supportive habits; we look at:

  •  healthy food
  •  mindfulness, meditation & breathing techniques
  •  movement
  •  the energy system
  •  destress techniques
  •  how to slow down
  •  setting up a supportive morning routine.

Making some shifts in your life with a supportive coach, can make the world of difference to how you feel, your relationships and sense of vitality.   

If this sparks interest in you or you know someone that may be interested then:

>> Book in for a free discovery session here <<

Please know that life does not need to be a hamster wheel, of pushing and doing.

Your natural state is to be in flow, with the rhythm of nature.

If you’re beginning to feel like you’re living more like a robot in an artificial environment and you’re feeling disconnected to yourself, to nature, to joy and to what you really want in your life then lovely it’s time to bring your life back to balance.

To your wellness and joy, & thank you for being with me

All my love
Claire x

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