'We are already complete. All we need is the clarity to recognise the wholeness that is us'  (Rod Stryker)

I see you.  I see you doing all the things that promised you a happy & successful life.

You’re busy running from meetings to social occasions and you have a full life. Heck you’ve got all of the things - the career, the home, the holidays.

But something still feels a-miss.

Like there’s something more. Something that’s missing.

And it wakes you up in the night. You feel anxious that you’re not quite where you think you should or would be by now, but you have no idea what that even is.  You go through bouts of boredom and bouts of high stress and reactivity.

And you wonder how to get out of this cycle. You feel stuck. 

You're ready to make a change.

If this is you. Then I'm happy to have found you. It  is my absolute passion to guide you back to yourself. 


Hi there, I'm Claire  a holsitic life coach & yoga/meditation teacher. I'm  also the host of the Becoming Whole podcast. I live by the beach in Melbourne, Australia with my husband.

I love nothing more than to spend my days supporting women who are ready to empower themselves with the tools and mindset to move from burned out and overwhelmed to energised, connected and purposeful.

We all have this incredible opportunity to truly live this one life. It's not meant to be monotonous, a struggle or dull.  Just there's some things that get in the way of  us experiencing the meaning and fulfilment that we're looking for. That's where I come in to guide clients to connect more deeply with themselves and the greater world around them


A  holistic coaching program that supports you step by step into embracing your (whole) self. Where you’ll feel more in flow and engaged with your life - energised, vibrant, connected & present and you’ll have more clarity about where you’re headed. 

You’ll feel empowered to step into the life you know is possible for you and embrace the person that you are.


  • You value your wellness and want to commit to showing up for yourself
  • You're ready to connect deeply with your heart and your body
  • You're ready to say 'yes' to yourself and live the vibrant life that's calling you
  • You believe wholeheartedly that it's time to prioritise you


    • Setting up your morning routine.  
    • Finding the time
    • Dealing with resistance & committing to yourself 


We've all been taught to look externally for the answers in our lives. For the happiness we long for. Constantly on the search for that 'perfect life'. We've busy-fied ourselves so much that we've lost touch with our heart, intuition and our bodies that are calling for much needed attention.

Over 5 years ago I was stuck in this place of 'doing', achievement, striving, pushing & people pleasing. So much so, that I completely lost myself in the process. I got sick. I was confused and anxious all the time. It was a viscious cycle.  It wasn't until I began making shifts in my life, step by step, that things began to change. I began to take responsibility for my life. I moved from being the victim, to being the driving force.  It was a journey of empowerment and deep listening to self.

I've created this program to guide you through this journey, so that you can reclaim the parts of self that have been left behind.

To reconnect back in and feel into your whole, most vibrant self



  • 4 live coaching group calls on zoom (includes all recordings)
  • Fortnightly video training
  • Worksheets
  • Resources guide
  • Tools, techniques & meditations to support your growth
  • Facebook group, community and support



  • (Earlybird price)
  • $444 full price
  • Payment plan available
  • Dates coming soon....

Still not sure, got some questions?

Book a free 30 min call here to discuss if the program is right for you

So if you've been struggling with:

  • A mind that's full of worry thoughts, and won't quieten down
  • Knowing the difference between heart, intuition and logic
  • Feeling not good enough, worrying what other people think, judging yourself and others
  • An inability to feel a sense of purpose, meaning and fulfilment in your day to day
  • An inner sense of emptiness, feeling that something's not right or that you're in some way broken
  • Feeling tired, apathetic and bored
  • Feeling stressed at times, overwhelmed and burned out

Then this program could be just the thing to get you back on track into feeling purposeful, connected and vibrant again



'Becoming aware of things you hadn't even realised about yourself, your habits and your environment can help create big shifts in thinking and creating and sticking to new habits. Claire has really helped me to do that and moving forward I feel like I have the right tools to keep doing this on my own'     

Tamara, Australia

'The time working with Claire has challenged me mentally and has helped me to think about what I want in life.  I feel a lot calmer and more focussed on what makes me happy'.

Kay, Australia


Claire's coaching has been a true blessing. I felt so comfortable telling her about the things I wanted to work on and improve and not at all judged just totally heard. Claire is so understanding and really supportive, I felt totally guided and in safe hands!

Ann-Clare, Spain

Working with Claire has been truly amazing. Claire has helped me achieve and realise things I never would have on my own. Having someone to talk to and discuss my hopes and dreams, my fears and anxieties and to help me work out what’s important to me has been liberating. It enabled me to take time for reflection on my own life, realise things about myself, my own situation and what I wanted to achieve for myself and I’d never really put that much time into me before.

Melissa, Australia



  • Feel more in touch with yourself - your values, your heart, intuition and know where you're headed
  • Feel more at ease within yourself - with a calmer mind, a more energised body and a freer spirit
  • Established a morning routine & new healthy habits that support you and your lifestyle
  • Better able to deal with stressful events and have tools to work with to release stress from body and mind
  • Learn how to put yourself first and create your own personalised self care toolkit
  • How to calm the busy 'monkey mind' and tools to recognise when the inner critic has taken hold
  • Mindfulness tools that will support you in day to day life




  • Earlybird price
  • $444 full price
  • (payment plan available)
  • Dates coming soon.....

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