What would happen if……..

What would happen to our lives if we finally let go of the stories that rule them?
Is it time to let go of the hurtful things that others have said to us and move forward with our true love and light?
I know, these are some tricky questions. So let’s dive a little deeper.
Imagine a life where

We didn’t expend so much of our energy letting our mind rule the show and create stories around things and situations that happen in our lives

Imagine a life where

We let go of more stuff – the ‘he said’, ‘she said’ blah blah blah and either confronted the person when it was happening at the time or later (in a sensitive but empowering manner) Leaving the situation where we’ve expressed ourselves in a loving way without making the other person feel bad or get their defenses up.

How much more energy and space would we have in our lives without holding onto the ‘stories’ that leave us feeling powerless/sad/pained and angry?

I know that it’s not easy and I’ve been a culprit of this for a lot of my life. Hanging on to past hurts and letting these stories impact my life and all of those around me.

Reflecting back I was playing the ‘victim’ and I wasn’t taking control of my own life.

But for what? To make me feel ‘safe’, ‘justified’, ‘right’?

And did it work? No, it just meant that I was full of a whole lot of angst and past hurts.

When we take a step back and observe ourselves and fully look at this objectively, we then need to ask the question:

Is this behaviour serving me to live a beautiful life full of love and joy?

If it’s not serving you and contributing to help you get what you yearn for, then gently and kindly forgive yourself and let it go.

Take some deep breaths and lean into the knowing that says that tomorrow is a new day for you to show up as the person that you truly are.

Isn’t there something so liberating and freeing knowing this?

You get to be truly you, right NOW.

I’d love to hear from you.
Please share with me the ‘stories’ that you are going to leave behind?


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