self awareness

How well do you really know yourself?

I have a question for you lovely one ….

Do you know yourself?
Like REALLY know yourself?

Your quirks and your good bits – your strengths, values, what’s important to you, your passions ….

AND also your not so good bits – the parts of yourself that you don’t like so much.

It’s tough work. Particularly going deep into your flaws, the not so nice bits.

But you know, we’re all perfectly imperfect, right? No ONE person has this all figured out, however I think it’s still important to do the work.  The work to truly understand yourself and find love and acceptance for each and every bit of you – the good and the not so good.

Bringing a light of awareness, means that something can change.

It’s all too easy to spend our lives looking at everything that’s wrong, blaming all the external things – people, jobs and situations for how our lives are turning out. But it’s only by going inward that we truly learn and begin to connect the dots.

I’ve been on a 2+ journey of doing this work and I’ve found it to be a great unravelling.  I’ve felt guided along this path, I’ve read different books, taken courses, invested in myself, met people, seen spiritual guides. Meditated a lot. Done yoga a lot. And spent time in reflection journalling my heart out trying to make sense out of it all.

And you know what I’ve found along the way through all of this work…?

My intuition has become stronger and I feel guided to move in a heartfelt direction. I am trusting in this process more. I’m sitting in the discomfort and bringing awareness to all of the resistance and doubts that continually pop up along the way.  I have tools now that help me to stay grounded. I feel more ‘me’ than I ever have.  And I’m embracing my not so good bits. Smiling at them and continually working with them.

A few weeks I quit my part time job.  My security and safety net.  I did it because I’m clear on my values and this work was not in alignment with them. For the weeks preceding this, I had been switching between my head and heart on this decision. Then during a yoga teaching immersion, they asked us what contradictions we have in life.  I meditated on this and what came up was that I was not truly following my values and my heart. So I need to follow this guidance, embrace it fully and trust, trust that this is the right decision.

Is it scary? Oh yes.

Is it worth it? I believe so, because if we only live one life, then we’ve got to make it count. Do the thing that makes us light up and light up others in the process.

This is one of the areas I work with my clients on.  I work with them to uncover what’s holding them back from following their heart.  What’s getting in the way to their truth.

Our bodies are always communicating with us giving us messages, trying to get us to listen and either adjust or follow a specific course of action.  Our choice is whether we tune in and listen to the whispers and act upon them OR ignore them.

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To your new discoveries ♥

Love Claire











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