That beautiful place within you of ‘space’ and ‘stillness’

I was talking to a friend last night about what it is that she’d most like in her life right now.  And she said ‘space’. This got me thinking. Because I used to feel the same………… 

Let’s be honest, our lives are full and at times they can be stressful. We have never ending to-do-lists, a big dose of comparison-itis (accentuated by social media!), competing demands and that niggling feeling that we’re never quite good enough.

If only we could stop time and get back on track.

Ha, this is exactly how I felt a few years ago. I craved some space from all the ‘doing’ and busyness and craved connection to self and meaning.

I just wanted to ‘be’. To enjoy the here and now without all the mind buzz and guilt of all the things ‘I should do,’ ‘have to do’ or ‘should have done’.

That thing I was looking for was presence and mindfulness.

Our society does not really support this, in fact we’re encouraged to strive and push harder.  However it’s essential for our wellbeing and you know the best thing of all, we can find it ourselves, this space within us. AND it’s available to us at every moment.

When we get quiet and remove any distractions and interruptions, close our eyes and focus on our breath, and relax our body from top to toe, we switch into our para-sympathetic nervous system and allow our body to access its rest and digest state.

This can feel a little uncomfortable the first time we do it, particularly if we’re running on autopilot a lot of the time and w’ere busy busy busy.  Our mind’s might be racing and streaming off a list of things we ‘should’ be doing or ‘need’ to do. Stick with it though, it becomes easier over time. Just recognise these thoughts and give a little internal ‘smile’ to them, recognising that this is our monkey mind/mean girl/ego just trying to stop us from taking this time out for ourselves. Come back to your breath and ‘be’ in this place.

Allow yourself the time to breathe, connect with yourself and find your inner space and stillness.

Do this everyday if you can, for 5 mins at first, building to 15 mins. I am confident that after a few weeks, you will start to feel the difference and find more of that space that you crave,

You are so worthy and deserving of this time to just ‘be’

Much love x

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