Relax. The ‘life mirror’ of yoga

How often do you make time to relax?  Like really relax, where you feel all of the pressures of life drift away.

Once a year on a 2-3 week holiday?

After Christmas?

Or do you fit in relaxation every weekend or everyday during a meditation practice?

Have you noticed how much easier life flows when you make this time to relax?

How about in your job – do you work as hard as you can, pushing constantly to get more done?

And in a yoga or exercise class – do you keep pushing your body to the limit, secretly wishing that it was stronger, more flexible, toned, muscular…?

Now think about this pushing – are you using willpower and force?

The reason I ask, is because I do this, and I’ve been observing in myself just how destructive it is. These days I have more of a handle on it after gaining more awareness around the thoughts that were driving this behaviour.

But somedays it is a big internal battle.

The key I’ve learnt is to recognise what’s happening and then gently come back to a place of self love, kindness and compassion for yourself.

So I want to challenge you

The next time you find yourself in this place of ‘pushing’ whether it’s at the gym, at home, at work………. stop and take some deep breaths that go deep into your belly and allow your body to speak to you in kind whispers.

I invite you to connect with your heart and find the grace and gentleness within you.

And stay here for as long as you feel ready.  Then approach again without struggle and attachment to the outcome of what you are doing.

I find it incredible to notice how when we let go and surrender and come from a place of love and joy, everything flows so much more easily.

During my yoga journey over the past 2 years, I’ve been having this exact experience.  I would get frustrated with my body for being so inflexible a few years ago, I’d push and push and then get pain.  I was rigid and tight. However the more that I have practiced with ease and let go of the outcome to get my body into a pose, the more my body has opened.

So what I’ve learnt from my journey on the mat and in life is:

Do what you’re doing for the joy of doing it, not for what it will bring you.

Namaste x

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