Ep #17 – Transforming the darkness to light w/Kat John

Kat John is a coach, motivational speaker, meditation guide and Lululemon ambassador with a powerful mission; to help bring people back to life.

I’ve been following Kat online for the past year and was instantly attracted to her real-ness and her ability to confidently speak her truth.  She runs great meditations online and speaks at in person events and she has a definite magnetism about her and a no BS approach. I was so excited to interview Kat, find out about her story, the challenges and the dark times she has faced and how she has overcome them and is now sharing her light with the world.  This is a juicy interview


For full show notes, go to: https://www.claire-bradshaw.com/ep17-transforming-the-darkness-to-light-w-kat-john/


To connect with Kat, go to:

Website: www.katjohn.com.au

Instagram: @kat.john


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