Ep #12 – The true treasure of compassion w/ Jo Buick

Jo Buick lives on the Victorian surf coast near Melbourne, she facilitates yoga classes, teacher trainings, workshops and immersions. Her work has a focus on self-care, slow rituals, and trauma-informed mindfulness practices. 

I first met Jo a year ago at one of her slow flow classes at the Australian Yoga Academy after having been drawn to her and her vibe on instagram! There were 40-50 people in the class and the presence she brought to the room was incredible – the carefully considered words she used combined with the mindful movement was exquisite. And then meeting Jo at her various workshops around Melbourne, I knew straight away that this lady was special, so I couldn’t wait to chat to her in this podcast.  Enjoy this heartfelt and very real beautiful interview.


For full show notes go to:  https://www.claire-bradshaw.com/ep-12-true-treasure-compassion-w-jo-buick/


To connect with Jo, go to:

Website: http://slowritual.com/ and  https://www.stateofbeing.org.au/

Instagram: http://instagram.com/state.of.being and https://www.instagram.com/jo.buick/


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