Ep #21 – The practice of embodiment w/Gena Kenny

This interview is such an enriching and soul nourishing one.  I interview Gena Kenny, the owner of Ohana yoga studio in Port Melbourne, she is a magical lady, who beams love and light and truly walks her talk.  She’s full of compassion and kindness as I’m sure you will feel from this episode.

And if you don’t know Gena, then here is a bit about her……..

Gena Kenny has taught yoga for more than a decade; she has also authored the top selling ‘Gift of Yoga” book and dvd. Gena discovered yoga through an injury in her previous career as a firefighter. Yoga helped her to not only overcome her physical injury but also helped her to gain skills to make life changes and move forward on her true path.

Gena believes that life is our true place of practice, what you learn about yourself in the yoga room plays out in your everyday life;  When we learn how to focus our movements, when we discover the more subtle sensations of the physical body, we also open up the doorway to the more subtle sensations of the mind and emotional body.

For the full show notes go to: http://claire-bradshaw.com/ep-21-the-practice-of-embodiment-w-gena-kenny/

To connect with Gena, go to:
Website: www.ohanayoga.com.au
Instagram: @ohanayogamelb

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