notice nature

Nature is our teacher- just notice

What a beautiful thing it is to still our mind and then truly take notice of our surroundings. Stop. Listen. Look. Smell. By coming into our senses, into our body and out of our critical mind, is pure joy. The more we ‘notice’ and observe our surroundings the more we tend to gain greater clarity in life. 

Which leads me to share a little observation I made when on holiday with my hubby, Tom a few weeks ago…..

We were in the Northern Territory of Australia on a trek through Litchfield National Park. It was hot and sticky, with flies buzzing all around. But also still and quiet, with the gentle sound of trickling water from waterfalls close by.

Tom picked up a leaf and dropped it into the little pools at the top of the waterfall and as he watched it float and bob down the stream he commented on how relaxed it made him feel. We both then dropped some more leaves in and watched them twist and turn down the stream.

But then they got stuck. They stopped moving.

A rock was in the way and blocking their path.  They wrestled to get past but to no avail.

I then dropped another leaf in and this one got stuck too but it didn’t struggle to get past, it just bobbed up and down until eventually the current picked it up and carried it downstream.

It then struck me how this was a perfect metaphor.

How we’re all travelling on a stream, our life journey and how there are rocks and obstacles in our path, big or small and they can stop us in our tracks.  It’s then our choice how we respond to them.

Do we fight them, do we struggle, do we kick and scream, get stressed, blame other people? Or do we accept that they’re just part of life, that we ALL experience set backs in some form or other and that this is perfectly ok and normal.

I think the big defining point is how we choose to respond.

notice nature


Like the first leaves, do we do everything we can to get out of the uncomfortable situation, despite who we impact in the process OR do we ride it out, bob around in the stream until the situation passes, either by its own accord or by gently working out a peaceful situation.

Notice how riding the stream with ease and with flow can make life smoother – more enjoyable to you and all those around you.

Something to ponder.


Wishing you a beautiful week.

Much love

Claire x



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