letting go of the old

Leaving behind the old….

Did you know that Astrologically speaking 2016 was a ‘9’ year, and the end of a 9 year cycle?

2016 was the end of those things that don’t serve us –  letting go of the job, the relationship, old ways of being…


Did something shift or end for you last year?


I certainly felt some huge shift and so many friends, clients, students did too….


Roll on 2017 and it’s a ‘1’ year, the start of a new cycle.


Which means new beginnings, fresh starts, new relationships, friendships, businesses.


Exciting eh?


So as I sit here, I reflect on 2016, and I have definitely observed some big shifts in my life.


And it’s not all been comfortable.


2016 was a year when my husband and I travelled back to live in Melbourne, Australia after 5 years away travelling and living in multiple countries.  It was also a year when parts of the past life that we had in Melbourne dropped away. Past friendships dissipated, previous careers just didn’t feel ‘right’ anymore and a way of living that worked 5 years ago in this same city, just didn’t work any longer.


The more we have both stepped closer to our true desires for this lifetime, and the more we have understood and lived true to our values, the more we have have seen what needs to be left behind.  So 2016 saw relationships drop away, permanent (safe) work drop away, but not just these things but also old ways of being, old stories that I’d had on unconscious repeat came to light. Things that I’d held onto from a fearful place suddenly were ready to leave me.


What resulted was more unraveling, more letting go of the ego self.


And it’s been hard and incredible all mixed together.


It turns out that it’s not an easy path to choose following the direction of your heart.  One of the hardest parts has been moving from my ‘label’ or social identity in the corporate world as a marketer.  This was a career that I’d worked hard to get into, something that I’d dreamed about since uni.  But then I realised one day, that this dream wasn’t my own, instead it was something that I’d adopted from society, from movies, from school, uni, my parents. In fact everyone I came across was striving for this lifestyle. And it seemed like a great life – comfortable, secure, safe.


What I realised after a number of gentle slaps around the face from my intuition, was that this wasn’t my dream, there was something else for me, and it involved opening my heart and serving others. That was how I TRULY wanted to spend my days.


I’d say that the most difficult part (and still is) if I’m completely honest, is letting go of a huge part of who I thought I was and then stepping into the ‘new’ me. Which is in fact the ‘real’ me, I just wasn’t conscious of it before.


So this my new start in 2017. I’m stepping into the light, and it scares the hell out of me, but I know in my heart that this feels more purposeful and meaningful than anything else I’ve done, so I’m ready for the journey, I’m diving head first.


Care to join me on the ride?



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