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I'm blessed to coach wonderful women around the world to re-connect with themselves, find their calm, stillness and joy in life.

Check out the kind words below and see if this is what you'd like to gift yourself with too.


It has been a real pleasure to work with Claire the last few months. I have learned, uncovered, changed and achieved goals all with Claire's guidance. Claire keeps you accountable and opens up your eyes to what's right in front of you. Things you may not necessarily be able to see for yourself. She is able to really dive deep into what the issues are, and relate to everything that you are saying, so you feel truly heard.

Becoming aware of things you hadn't even realised about yourself, your habits and your environment can help create big shifts in thinking and creating and sticking to new habits. Claire has really helped me to do that and moving forward I feel like I have the right tools to keep doing this on my own.

Thank you Claire, I look forward to working with you again in the future.

Tamara, Melbourne, Australia 

The time working with Claire has challenged me mentally and has helped me to think about what I want in life.  I feel a lot calmer and more focussed on what makes me happy.

I first met Claire as my yoga instructor and I instantly warmed to her and always looked forward to her classes. When I discovered she was also a coach I realised I could not find a better person to guide me through this journey. With the tools Claire has armed me with I feel more confident in achieving the goals I have set for myself for the forthcoming year. This year is the year of 'I will!'

Kay, Melboune, Australia


For me going into life coaching I honestly wasn’t exactly sure what to expect and I wasn’t exactly sure how it would help me but it felt like something I needed and wanted to explore.

I’d come to a point in my life where whilst I had a full and wonderful life I felt like I was stagnant, doing the same thing week after week, stuck in the same place with no hope of anything changing and I really wasn't doing much to change that. I didn’t have any plans or goals for the future and I really didn’t seem to be able to work these out on my own, I lacked the motivation and determination to do this, you’d find me watching Netflix for hours on end rather than doing some planning for my own future.

In all honesty I felt like I was on the conveyor belt of life, just going through the motions waiting for life to happen rather than me doing something to make my life happen. I also had a niggling feeling and thought that kept coming up that there was surely more to life than this, the daily grind and I wanted to investigate and explore that and also move forward with my life and work out what I wanted.

Working with Claire has been truly amazing. Claire has helped me achieve and realise things I never would have on my own. Having someone to talk to and discuss my hopes and dreams, my fears and anxieties and to help me work out what’s important to me has been liberating. It enabled me to take time for reflection on my own life, realise things about myself, my own situation and what I wanted to achieve for myself and I’d never really put that much time into me before.

Having Claire to meet every two weeks to discuss my progress or my lack or progress in some areas has been so motivating and to have her to check in with in such a supportive, caring and non judgemental way has really been priceless. Claire has helped keep me on track with my goals and what I set out to achieve and discover about myself. After the 3 months of coaching I now have a strong sense of what I want for my life; I have the tools, motivation, determination and plan to get me there - the past 3 months has been a fantastic experience and personal journey and I am so grateful and thankful to Claire for helping me achieve all this.

Melissa, Melbourne, Australia 

Claire's coaching has been a true blessing. I felt so comfortable telling her about the things I wanted to work on and improve and not at all judged just totally heard. Claire is so understanding and really supportive, I felt totally guided and in safe hands!

Setting goals and actions was a really practical way of changing behaviours for the better and organising my life better. I have learnt so much from Claire, all which you can really apply to your life and see results! The level of care and wisdom Claire gave in each session was really useful for everyday life but also deeply healing.

I am honestly so grateful for your gift of coaching , it was one of the best decisions I have ever made, thank you Claire

Ann-Clare, Valencia, Spain



"Claire helped me so much when going through a tough time in life. A relationship ended, I was looking for a career change and a new flat! Big stresses all round. Her holistic advice helped a lot. Upping the protein with plenty of quinoa, beans and dark greens, as well as swapping red wine for soda water (every other trip to the pub) gave me the energy I needed to make some shifts.

Probably I am most grateful to her being an ear for the things I was thinking and feeling at the time. She listened without judgement and offered really helpful tips to work with my mind rather than against! I am in a much better place now, I have a gorgeous new flat, and I've opened a new yoga studio with a friend...a new boyfriend can wait. I fully recommend Claire as a wellness life coach to help make those alignments in life"

Lucy, London, UK

"Claire’s consultations came at just the right time for me – I’d started a new job, which required me to move to a new city, and I was struggling to find time to exercise and eat well. She was lovely and understanding from the outset, easy to talk to and full of positivity.

She's really knowledgable and gave me some great practical tips on healthy eating, and suggestions for how I could make subtle changes to my lifestyle that would give me the energy boost I needed. Since we spoke, I've definitely improved my diet and made time for more exercise - as well as all-important relaxation. It was a really valuable, thought-provoking experience and I think everyone could benefit from Claire's holistic insights".

Hannah, London, UK

Hannah Stuart-Leach

"Claire is warm, approachable and nurturing. Claire really helped me to examine the barriers to achieving my health goals and enabled me to come up with some quick wins and longer term strategies to overcome these challenges. I found her professional, knowledgeable and I appreciate her holistic approach to health".

Sally, Vancouver, Canada

In September 2015 I decided to change my life around. I had problems with stress, I was lacking in energy and I was returning to the same negative feelings and habits. Also I had skin problems, mainly psoriasis and eczema. While I knew these are not easily fixed, I also knew that there was much in my lifestyle I could change to help my body overcome these things.

After the first consult, Claire and I got clear where the problems lay and which first steps I wanted to take towards a healthier life. We met up twice a month to talk about progress and set new goals if I needed or wanted to. She would always bring nice assignments that I could use to integrate things like meditation, focus on gratitude, yoga into my everyday life. Claire is a loving coach who will remind you that you are helping yourself and not restricting yourself when exchanging bad habits into healthy ones.

Today I am a proud non-smoker. I have a regular yoga and meditation practice. My psoarias is almost gone and I have no stress related eczema. I feel calmer and stronger. I am studying to become a yoga teacher and am currently taking more time for my photography. All in all, meeting Claire was a life changing experience!"

Brenda, Barcelona, Spain


"My sessions with Claire about my health and wellbeing was one of smiles, understanding and purpose. I really didn’t know what to expect and to be honest had a couple of small reservations... 1) what would she tell me that I don’t already know about myself and 2) would I feel a little vulnerable and exposed (like being in a fish bowl)?

However, Claire’s open, kind and professional manner immediately dispelled any concerns. In one conversation, given Claire’s easy conversational style, keen listening and natural ability to ask the right questions... she really helped me figure out what was holding me back from meeting some key goals. In fact, she helped me realise I was chasing things and outcomes, that I didn’t actually know I was chasing!

Knowing more clearly what I wanted, made creating and following a plan to do so, so much easier. I am actively doing a lot more than I was before, but oddly it feels less time consuming or tiresome both physically and emotionally. And... I’ve already met 2 of my goals.

If you are looking to do something for yourself, I’d really urge you to coach with Claire. As she helped me, I’m sure Claire can help you find the feeling of lightness, a sense of clarity and renewed passion for doing what makes you happy..."

Teri, Melbourne, Australia

"Claire not only taught me a yoga routine that I could confidently do at home (getting to a yoga class was proving tricky with working and caring for a young family!), she also helped me to clarify what was important to me and how to be more present day to day.  I would not hesitate to recommend seeing Claire for anyone wanting to improve the way they live their life whether it be through learning yoga or having someone to coach you through finding and articulating your true values with which you want to live your life by.  100% worth the investment – thank you Claire".

Sarah, Melbourne, Australia


"I have just completed a six month period of life coaching with Claire, and just about to sign up for another six month session! Our sessions have been a wonderful gift over the last six months, of giving me time to think about things, reflect, all the while being guided and advised by a warm, sympathetic and knowledgable life coach.  We covered many more topics than I originally thought we would, and have, at times, gone down a different path than expected, but always a better one than I was expecting. There has been a certain fluidity about the sessions that has allowed further exploration of issues than might otherwise have occurred. I thoroughly recommend her! "

Jo, Melbourne, Australia

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