Instant gratification – the good, the bad and the ……



Have you noticed how we really don’t have to wait for many tangible things anymore?


If we want that dress or new pair of shoes, we can have them, even if we don’t have the cold hard cash, we can pop it on our credit card and go home with the goodies.


If we want to eat pineapple and mango in the winter time we can still buy it from the shops.


And if we’re ill, we can pop down to the doctors, pick up those pills and all is seemingly well again.


And if we want a TV, we can get it tomorrow interest free no problems, or a car, just take out a loan.


So we’re lucky. Right?


You’d expect that we’d all be ecstatically happy then if we can have nearly everything we want, almost when we want it……?


hmmmm, well this is the illusion isn’t it. We’ve been sold the idea that happiness is equal to the number or quality of our external possessions, or our job title and that if we have all that we want then we will find the happiness that we so crave.


And the thing is, when we can get almost anything we want when we want it, we either have a home full of ‘stuff’, or after a while we’ll realise that something’s not quite right with the belief that material possessions = happiness.


I’ve been looking at this within my own life, I’ve noticed that as I’ve gotten used to instant gratification and as this becomes even more heightened with technological advances – think facebook/instagram likes and followers, we develop this expectation that we should be able to get what we want when we want it.


The downside of this is that this can lead to innate frustration when things don’t go our way.  I know, for example, I’ll load maps on my phone to go somewhere and then if the internet drops off or my phone runs out of battery then I’ll get pi$$ed off.  It takes me a little while to realise again that this is the way of life, it doesn’t always go to plan and as much as technology and out societal set-up is based on making things easier, quicker, better, it doesn’t always mean that things flow perfectly and as we’d like it.


And this is so ok. It’s our lesson.


I think that this is good for us, because it helps us to remember that we don’t really have control. Nature/a higher power is in control of us.  Our ego believes that we are the captain of the ship, but in fact there is a far greater power than us behind everything.


The more we can let go of our need to control and for things to go our way all the time, the happier we will become.  Have you ever noticed that if something breaks, or if we don’t deem our colleagues/employees to have done enough that not only does this feeling of frustration and annoyance affect us, it also affects all of those around us? Including people we work with, people on the train,and our loved ones when we get back home.


I think that the hardest thing to swallow is recognising that it is our responsibility as to how we react to what comes our way.  We have a tendency to blame external circumstances, but actually it is our reaction to the event that really matters.


Ok, I have gone off on a tangent.  Back to instant gratification….. there is a point here, honest!


So we’re lucky, to have what we want when we want it?  But if we don’t get what we want in life, this way of ‘expecting’, can come at a cost and can very easily lead to feelings of anger, frustration, impatience if we don’t take a step back and get some perspective.



So my offering to you today is to take a step back when things don’t go your way and observe the feelings, and the emotions bubble up inside. See them for what they are, just energy.  


Take some deep and conscious breaths and let go.  


Because as technology continues to advance and we can seemingly get what we want when we want it, things in life won’t always go our way, we can’t control life (as much as we try to)


The important bit is how we respond. Can we bring more grace, humility to the experiences and let go of the emotional hold and build up? Everything is in flux and changing. 


Today, notice how you’re triggered by events/people.  And stop. Get some space and let go. See the perspective. You get to control how you respond. 


See how this makes a difference to your life and those people around you.


With all my love

Claire x






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