Overcoming a life spent in fearland

FEAR – wow what an immense subject this is.  I couldn’t think of a subject closer to my heart than this to kick off adventures into the land of blog :0)

Ever since I can remember I have been, metaphorically speaking, ‘strangled’ by this fear emotion.  It’s only since March 2014 that I gained more of an understanding of the ‘f’word; what it means and how it can have the power to completely take over your life (if you let it) and prevent you from becoming the person you truly were meant to be in this world.  

Over the past year I’ve also come to realise that this is something that most of us are dealing with on a daily basis.

It’s just not a subject we talk about very often.

Growing up I was frightened of everything, particularly flying, throwing up, getting hurt emotionally and physically, of what others thought of me, how I was never good enough….the list goes on…. Actually I think I was scared of myself.  These emotions and negative thought patterns made me shrink into someone so small and insignificant.  I thought that by avoiding the things I was scared of, that somehow this protected me, however in fact the opposite was true, I just became more and more withdrawn and unconfident. I didn’t realise that the way people treated and reacted to me was a direct mirror reflection of what I thought about myself.  Then when people reacted a certain way towards me I’d take that as a confirmation of my negative feelings towards myself.  I was caught up in a world of my own mental torment that continually repeated itself.

Unfortunately, I don’t think this is uncommon either.

In reflection now, if I didn’t make the conscious decision to make a change and start to face some of these fears and push myself into places of massive discomfort, then I think that my fears would have crippled me. They would have stunted my growth, kept me in that ‘safe’ job, taking those ‘safe’ holidays, and too scared to really live my life and find true enjoyment.   

When you feel this way – like you are going through the motions, crippled by fear to try something different and follow you heart and gut intuition. Then it’s time, my love, to face up to these fears.

Tackle these fears and your mean thoughts head on and make a pact (with you!) to push yourself into those places and situations that scare you. What you’ll find from this experience, is that the very thing that you were scared of is nothing like as scary as the fear emotion itself and bit by bit everything in life starts to feel that bit lighter and brighter…….

What are you scared of?

Have you tried to tackle your fears – what happened?

I’d love to hear from you x

*photo by Christopher Campbell

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