Ep #7 Yoga + Art – find connection and flow w/ Lauren Howard-Tripp

Lauren Howard-Tripp is a Yoga, Meditation and art teacher with over a decade of experience worldwide. She did her initial Yoga training with Les Leventhal in 2015. She is a Deeksha practitioner and has studied various forms of Meditation including Mindfulness, Chakra and Vedic meditation.  Lauren is owner and founder of namARTste- exploring conscious creativity through art & yoga.


Lauren teaches a complete practice. Dynamic movement interwoven with deep stretches and stillness. Meditation, pranayama and philosophy are threaded throughout each class to provide an experience from gross to subtle through the eight-limbed path of yoga.


Lauren encourages students to look deeper, within themselves, within their personal practice, to become more conscious of their lives on and off the mat.


Life is beautiful. Life is also complicated and messy and heartbreaking, but most of all it is beautiful and sometimes we need help remembering. It’s so easy to miss how extraordinary it is to be here in this body, at this time, in this moment. The practice of Yoga acts as our mirror to reflect and connect us back in with the innate truth that this moment has everything we need.


In this episode you’ll learn:

  • What the flow state is and how to find it
  • How yoga and creativity has the ability to heal
  • How creativity is our birthright – it’s the journey rather than outcome that’s important
  • How to connect to connect to your flow state with NamARTste
  • How the act of creation enables us to become more conscious
  • Plus one step that Lauren recommends that you can take to find a sense of connection to yourself


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