Ep #54 – How to navigate these uncertain times w/ Claire Bradshaw

In this episode I’ll be talking about some of my personal experiences in navigating these uncertain times of 2020 and I’ll discuss a different take on these events that we’re experiencing in the macro environment and how you may also be experiencing big shifts in your micro environment.

By remembering that whilst we can’t control what happens to us in the macro environment, we can control our own way of being and our response to what happens, not only does this give us more of a sense of peace but also a sense of empowerment over our emotions and how we feel.

If you’d like to delve into this further and learn how you can gain a greater degree of understanding and regulation over your emotions, for a sense of inner stability, peace and calm, then reach out and book a free discovery call with me below. To feel how we want to feel is always an inside job!

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Ep #54 – How to navigate these uncertain times w/ Claire Bradshaw

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