Ep #53 – How to get unstuck w/ Claire Bradshaw

In this episode I talk about the juicy subject of limiting beliefs. I’ve had a bunch of people ask if I’d talk about this, so knowing that what’s ‘personal is universal’ I wanted to share with you too.

Limiting beliefs are those tricky things that are deep within our subconscious mind. They’re connected to the meaning that we’ve made about ourselves, the world, what’s possible, what’s not, what’s right and what’s wrong. We can think that they are truth. However, it’s not until we start to ask deeper questions, want more from our precious life or hit rock bottom that we may begin to look deeper into them.

We can only change what we become aware of. If something’s not working -you’re feeling stuck, you’re repeating negative patterns, you know that you’re capable of something greater in your life, then uncovering your limited beliefs is a great place to look.

In this episode I’ll also talk you through a practice to uncover your limiting beliefs and get more clarity, so that you can move forward with more empowering beliefs that support you to move towards the life that’s calling you.

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