Ep #5 – Finding courage to follow your inner calling w/ Dr Nat Martinek

In this episode I interview Dr Natalie Martinek, a Scientist and Spritual Healer who started her career receiving a PhD in Developmental Biology from the University of Toronto and followed this with Postdoctoral studies in cancer research at the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre.  Along the journey she realised that her intuitive capabilities were better suited to helping people directly and she underwent further personal and professional development in evidence-based health communication, psychosomatic medicine, group facilitation , dispute resolution + mediation, meditation and spirituality.

She’s currently writing a book based on her research findings, published evidence & stories and has developed an accompanying Connected Practitioner Program to help shift from the current medical expert paradigm to evidence-based human & partnership-centred practice. Her passion is to develop healthy practitioner-patient connections as the vehicle for healing and wellness that mutually benefits patients, families and practitioners.

Dr Nat is a gifted healer, and is truly unique with one foot in the scientific world and the other in spiritual.


In this episode you’ll learn:

  • Integrating the knowledge we receive from others and aligning this with an inner knowing
  • How it is possible to merge the two worlds – the physical/logical/scientific and the spiritual
  • How to be supported when and if you decide to step out and follow your inner calling
  • Finding acceptance with all parts of ourselves so as to find more peace
  • Natalie’s dark night of the soul experience and how the universe really does have our back
  • The difference between soul, spirit, intuition and hear


To connect with Dr Nat, go to:

Website: www.drnathaliemartinek.com

Facebook: www.drnathaliemartinek.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Chitananda_NM

Linked in: https://www.linkedin.com/in/nathalie-martinek-ph-d-9a015123

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