Ep #50 – How to process your emotions w/ Claire Bradshaw

This is a solo style podcast episode with me where I describe a step by step process to help you process your emotions for better health and wellbeing.

To fully process our emotions, is to feel what’s arising emotionally and allow it to naturally process and release through the body.

At this time in history where our bodies, minds and spirits have been tested in a way that they may never have been tested before, it’s even more important.

When we don’t process our emotions we can find ourselves in addictive behaviours, unhealthy repeated patterns and in the long term, we can become sick.

By processing our emotions, we give the body the opportunity to naturally process toxins and free ourselves from feelings of irritability & emotional projection, which gives us more clarity, a feeling of lightness and flow and more empowerment in our lives.

**Please note: We’ve all had different life experiences, lifestyles and levels of love and support in our lives. If you find that this is too intense for you, then do reach out to a professional therapist, or a coach who has been trained in working with emotions.

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