Ep #45 – From pain to purpose w/ Emma Sothern

In this episode I speak with the lovely Emma Sothern, a freelance copywriter, part-time yoga/meditation teacher and a full-time alopecian (that’s a person who has alopecia, or hair loss). She set up a hair loss website, called Lady Alopecia in 2018 to support and empower those going through the condition. She’s originally from Ireland although now lives and works in her adopted hometown of Hoi An, Vietnam.

Emma openly speaks about her journey with alopecia, the various challenges she ‘s faced at each stage of her life, from losing her Mum at an early age to losing her hair in her teenage years and through her 20’s. She talks about finding yoga and meditation and how this has not only helped to build inner strength and resilience, to find peace and acceptance with alopecia but to actually have fun with it -shaving off all her hair & dressing up. She’s a true inspiration of someone who has moved through the hardship and the pain of non-acceptance to being a model for others on what is possible. She now serves the community through her yoga and meditation classes, and her website, Lady Apolpecia, offering personal tips and advice and discussing the various products and treatments that have worked for her.

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