Ep #43 – Is what you’re chasing bringing you joy?

In this episode, I go solo and talk about a topic that has been prevalent in my own life but also pops up frequently when working with clients. And this topic is all to do with chasing goals, and whether they are in fact, bringing about the joy that we all desire.

Society has taught us to achieve, to progress in school, university, career, buy a house, get married, have kids. But in doing so, we can get a little lost along the way. That’s not to say that there’s anything wrong with these things, however, if we prioritise the box ticking and the striving to achieve and attain stuff, and still find that something is missing or we feel empty within, then that’s something worth looking at.

So instead I propose looking at intrinsic goals/intentions as well as extrinsic goals. This is where we focus on how we want to feel, and then take actions to help us feel this way. Intrinsic motives are about what can I give, how can I be in the flow state, be at peace, more loving, more kind.

Because if we don’t prioritise these things then we can very well end up in a situation with all of material things, (but still wanting more stuff) & continuing to feel unfulfilled.

I don’t want that for you or for anyone.

I know that if there are more people on the planet feeling joyous, fully expressive and living their best life, then the world will be a much kinder, more compassionate, more giving and healthy place.

So, if this resonates then have a listen, grab a pen and paper as I have some potent questions at the end for you.

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