Ep #35 – Unravelling from a lifestyle of addiction w/ Doug Wilson

In this episode I interview Doug Wilson, an accomplished marathon runner, author, motivational speaker and Kundalini Yoga teacher based in Melbourne, Australia.

I met Doug a few years ago when he ran a Kundalini class at Lululemon in Melbourne. I connected with his inspiring story of addiction, illness and triumph. Doug speaks about his ‘extreme’ personality of striving and achieving and we discuss what transpired following a diagnosis with a life threatening brain tumour.

He recently released a book, Kundalini Running, which is a gripping story of how he overcame these challenges using diet, yoga and meditation. Just over 12 months after his surgery, Doug set a Guinness World Record by becoming the first person to run 7 competitive marathons on 7 continents in under 7 days. Doug’s ongoing work addresses some of the most pressing social and health issues that we currently face as an emerging global society. He aims to promote health and wellbeing and to help others to learn how to optimise the mechanics of the human body in order to thrive in the modern world.

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