Ep #31 – Empower yourself w/Irene Ais

I’m sure you are going to love this interview with Irene who speaks with a beautiful and balanced voice for both Western science and Eastern wisdom.

Irene Ais has spent the last decade helping people thrive. Having explored Yoga and Meditation for over half her life, she takes her students on a journey to discover the power it has to transform our lives.

Irene’s mantra is founded on awareness – she believes our relationship with life transforms when we begin the journey of self discovery.

Her extensive time studying the mind/body connection through Hatha Yoga, Physiotherapy and Mental Health adds a unique dimension to her teachings. 

This knowledge creates a powerful holistic experience which bridges western science and eastern wisdom. 

Irene has worked with thousands of people teaching around the world. The layers inherent in her teaching allow participants to explore the edge of their body, mind and breath.

To connect with Irene go to:

  • Instagram: @irene_ais @ompeopleyoga @stillspacecommunity
  • Facebook:
  • Website:

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