Ep #29 – How to stay sane & overwhelm free over the Christmas season w/Claire Bradshaw

We’ve all felt that feeling on the lead up to Christmas, a calendar chock full of appointments,  meetings and social occasions. Everyone seems to want a piece of you and it can feel quite overwhelming and exhausting.  And the last thing you want is to have your holiday to be full of either more of the same busy-ness or to find that you’re curled up in a heap and too exhausted to enjoy time with family and friends. 

So that’s why in this episode I have put together my tops tips centred around the below topics to help you to stay sane over the Christmas period.  This very much includes Christmas Day and New Year when it can be tempting to over-do it with food and alcohol.

  1. Self care
  2. Sleep
  3. Morning Routine
  4. Hydration

You’ll also find some mindful tips on how you can best prep yourself before the big day.

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