Ep #27 – Take a bath for the mind w/ Claire Bradshaw

As the year comes to a close, life can become even more full and exhausting.  With social engagements, work deadlines, family gatherings, the list goes on……Meditation at this time of year can be just what you need

But it doesn’t have to be exhausting, there are things we can do to nourish our body and mind that will increase our energy levels and have us feeling back to our normal selves again with a renewed vigour.

One of things we can do is to do a meditation or do a beautiful yoga nidra, also known as yogic sleep.  This is what I have recorded for you, a deep relaxation for body and mind.  All you need is a quiet warm and quiet space where you can lie down for around 30 mins undisturbed. Research has proved that a 30 min yoga nidra can be the equivalent to 2-3 hour of actual sleep in terms of how it can refresh you.

So gift yourself this bit of ‘me’ time and then notice how you feel.

If you’d like the recording as an mp3, just send me a an email here, and I’ll send it through to you.

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