Ep #26 – The freedom of releasing resistance w/ Tom Gerrard

This week I bring my husband, Tom on to the show.  He had a profound realisation while we were in Koh Phangnan in Thailand and I know that this is something that so many of us are working with at the moment – how to take action and not burn ourselves out.   

Tom Gerrard is a go getter, he gets stuff done. He’s an international artist, and has exhibited in commercial and institutional galleries all over the world.  He also has his own podcast, Benchtalk where he interviews artists worldwide in how to make a full time living from their passion and talent.  

Tom has a great message to share in this amusing story. I have personally seen such a huge shift in his energy and his approach since this realisation.  I have found from working with clients and continually working on myself, that when we are gifted these difficult and challenging experiences, it’s then always our responsibility to take the lesson and learning and see how we and grow from it.  

I’ve found time and time again that if we build the awareness within ourselves, by slowing down, reflecting and creating some space, then we can begin to find the peace within. From this place we can create a life that flows more easily.  Where we’re not trying to push and force and strive.   It’s not something that happens overnight, but something we can continually work on over time. 

Small things done consistently, create big results in our lives.

I have a new workshop series coming up called ‘Nourish You’. It’s based on the program I work with my 1:1 coaching clients on.  It’s a 4-part series and is about looking after your body and mind.

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I hope you enjoy the episode.

All my love

Claire x

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