Ep #20 – Rising strong from adversity w/ Alice Nicholls

This is episode number 20 (wahoo!) with the beautiful Alice Nicholls. And it’s likely to resonate with so many people.  Alice talks about rising from adversity and using these challenges and the learnings gained to grow both personally and professionally.  We talk about how these challenges can become our strengths not our weaknesses, how we don’t have to be the victim to our circumstances and how now is the time for us to rise up from them.

And if you don’t know Alice, then here is a bit about her……..

Alice Nicholls is a nutrition and functional health expert, doTERRA Presidential Diamond Leader and womens mentor from The Whole Daily.
She believes that when women wake and remember their real potential, stop numbing their lives and strip back the complicated and synthetic ‘everythings’, (feelings, nourishment, relationships) life will be just so much more ‘soul-YES!’.
She has co-created world-leading nutrition courses, created and hosts the 5 star iTunes rated podcast ‘All Rise Up’, and has built a million dollar a year network marketing business in 2 years while leading a team of thousands of women who see their own light illuminated alongside her.


Magical essential oils:

To learn more about the magical doTerra oils from mother nature that we talk about, then click HERE and book in for my next free essential oils class at my home in St Kilda, Melbourne.  If you can’t make the date, then shoot me a message and we can chat.


What you’ll learn:

  • How Alice believes that her success is due to the learnings and growth journey she’s taken herself on and how she’s turned the adversity she experienced in childhood into her strength
  • Why Alice believes in the commitment to personal growth to bring about the change we desire for our lives
  • How looking inwards and dismantling your beliefs can lead to freedom
  • The supportive practices that Alice undertook to ‘wake up’ and what she does regularly to keep her vibes high.
  • How Alice began her doTerra journey and why doTerra is so much more than just the oils (& these oils are pretty amazing!)
  • We talk about the juicy subject of how spirituality and abundance is not mutually exclusive. We can and deserve to have both!
  • And how it’s time to say ‘yes’ for what you truly desire in life

The resources we talk about are:

  • A Return to Love by Marianne Williamson
  • The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle
  • Getting into the vortex recording by Ester Hick

To connect with Alice, go to:


Instagram: @thewholedaily

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