Ep #12 – The true treasure of compassion w/ Jo Buick

Jo Buick lives on the Victorian surf coast near Melbourne, she facilitates yoga classes, teacher trainings, workshops and immersions. Her work has a focus on self-care, slow rituals, and trauma-informed mindfulness practices. 

Jo is the Co-Founder of State of Being, a community-based yoga and mindfulness not-for-profit organisation. Through State of Being, Jo works directly with community organisations to innovate trauma-informed and inclusive yoga programs for client and staff groups. 

Prior to developing State of Being, Jo worked with young people in both community and state school settings as a teacher, an educator and a coach. An innovator of trauma-informed and applied curriculum and program design, Jo worked in the not-for-profit sector, developing local, state and national educational approaches and strategies, as well as training staff teams to integrate new practices into existing programs. She currently continues this work as an education consultant and program advisor. 

I first met Jo a year ago at one of her slow flow classes at the Australian Yoga Academy after having been drawn to her and her vibe on instagram! There were 40-50 people in the class and the presence she brought to the room was incredible – the carefully considered words she used combined with the mindful movement was exquisite. And then meeting Jo at her various workshops around Melbourne, I knew straight away that this lady was special, so I couldn’t wait to chat to her in this podcast.  Enjoy this heartfelt and very real beautiful interview.


In this episode you’ll learn:

  • Why Jo lives by the principles of simplicity, patience and compassion
  • What led Jo to commence her first yoga teacher training
  • Her journey of softening and leading from the inside out
  • How Jo’s yoga journey has changed the way she looks at the world
  • How yoga – movement and breath has supported Jo to overcome anxiety
  • We talk about the challenges for yoga teachers in maintaining self care and setting boundaries
  • We discuss her move to teaching yoga from a more enquiry based place and moving from the teacher- student dynamic to one of more inclusivity
  • How the practice of self enquiry can shift our lives and our perspectives
  • How the knowledge and the practice of ayurveda can be supportive for our health, and in understanding ourselves and others


To connect with Jo, go to:

Website: http://slowritual.com/ and  https://www.stateofbeing.org.au/

Instagram: http://instagram.com/state.of.being and https://www.instagram.com/jo.buick/


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