Ep #11 – Shining the light w/ Sian Pascale

Sian Pascale is an experienced energetic, breath, meditation and yoga teacher. Her teachings draw from Mother India where she lived and trained for several years, learning through the hatha, ashtanga and tantric lineages. She teachers privately and collectively, locally and Internationally. Her self practise and dedication to the yogic path has allowed her to merge Ancient teachings into a modern language that everyone can access. She creates conscious experiences that reconnect her students to the rhythms and cycles of the natural world, in order to harness subtle vibration for deep shifts and expansive states of being.

I first met Sian a few weeks ago at a community event she put on with the Light Collective at the St Kilda Botanical Gardens in Melbourne. She drew a phenomenal 250 people to the park to move, to breathe, and to connect with one another in nature.  She truly is a goddess; she has an incredible presence, a humbleness mixed with a drive and passion to support the community and encourage others to rise with her.  This was an absolute pleasure of an interview to record!


In this episode you’ll learn:


  • How Sian’s spiritual path began at a very young age
  • How consistent meditation practice helped Sian’s school studies to reduce stress and migraines
  • How Sian is a living example of following her intuition and how life meets us when we follow it
  • We talk about her incredible 2 year experience in Mumbai – as a designer/architect and yoga teacher/student and how this has shaped her life
  • Listen to a beautiful meditation that Sian leads to bring us to a place of calm and grounding
  • If you’re a yoga teacher you’ll love the advice that she gives to help us serve from a non-egoic place that not only supports our students but ourselves as well
  • How the yoga journey changes us from within, but also supports us to navigate the change and the challenges we face in life
  • How to get back up when we fall and how the yoga practices support us to find the light out of the darkness time and time again


To connect with Sian, go to:

Website: https://www.thelightcollective.yoga/

Instagram: @sianpascale & @_thelightcollective_


Listen below or direct on i-tunes podcast app.

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