Ep #10 – Align your year with your heart w/ Claire Bradshaw

Welcome back to season #2 of Becoming Whole podcast.


In this episode we get stuck into intentions and specifically setting intentions for your year.


If you have set intentions, that’s great, but you may want to listen in and see what you think of the exercise I discuss in the podcast and see if you want to make any adjustments to your intentions .


If you haven’t set intentions, then not to fret.  The time is now!


>Download your worksheet here


When we ask important questions to ourselves that revolve around how we desire to feel, questions that connect with our heart space, what’s important to us, then we can guide our days, weeks, months, years, entire lives connected to what’s truly important to us and gives us fulfilment.


So complete your worksheet and then write your intention and your actions using these desired feelings at the centre.  When we do this we begin to orient our lives from the inside-out, rather than from the outside-in.


>Download your worksheet here




And if this work piques an interest in you, if you’re wanting to make some changes in your life this year and you’re bored of a hamster wheel of sameness, if there’s something you’re wanting to create, if there are patterns that you’re wanting to address, then book in for your free 30 minute discovery session to see if life coaching is for you.


I help my clients to find more clarity in the direction of their lives, I keep them accountable to their goals and I support them to build a greater connection with themselves to bring their mind, heart and body into balance.


I can’t wait to speak with you, click here to book in with me.

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