A deep meditation experience on a dark Melbourne night

Meditation is becoming more and more popular these days and for good reason. Research is proving that it helps to relieve stress, increase mental clarity, concentration and contentment in life. And over the past 5-10 years, as our lives have become fuller and at times more stressful, with competing demands and technology that’s always ‘on’, it is becoming imperative to find some respite from all of the buzz.  

Meditation certainly is a great practice to help us to find that calm place within. I like to think of it as a shower for the mind. We clean our body and our teeth every morning, so meditation is a way to clean our mind before taking on the day.

I’ve been practicing meditation consistently for the past year as part of an (almost!) daily practice.  I’ve tried a bunch of different meditation techniques, but at the moment my husband and I are very keen on the headspace app (Check it out here, they offer a free day 10 day trial).   After a session of 15 mins, I feel more settled,  I have more clarity on my priorities and I find that many of the buzzy thoughts that are holding me back from enjoying the day or showing up as my best me have dissipated.  

However, this is not to say that it’s easy to make the time or actually meditate. Sometimes, I have a lot of resistance and I start making excuses as to why I don’t have time or I’ll try to put it off till later…that’s my ‘mean girl’ or ego taking over and trying to self sabotage  It’s definitely helped me to recognise these thoughts, and understand that this is part of the human condition. Once I’ve recognised what’s happening I’m then ready to sit on my meditation pillow and find my peace.  

What about if you feel that you can’t meditate?

Does this scenario run true? … light your candles, sit on a pillow and then feel uncomfortable as too many thoughts, good and bad are popping up when you’re alone with yourself.  From experience, I’d recommend to start with finding some time in the day when you can be alone and be mindful of your surroundings. Get used to having time with yourself, being present with your body, your breath, your senses, without the distractions of a phone, music, TV.  As you become more used to your own company and find more comfort in it you might find it easier to sit on a meditation pillow and close your eyes.  Anything you can do, from 5 mins to 15mins will help. The beautiful thing is that over time you will be able to build up your practice. Much like everything, it’s about consistency, showing up and not giving up even when the going gets tough and over time you start to reap the benefits.

You’ve totally got this ♥

Now to a meditation experience that I had last week…..


A good friend of mine took me along to a Facebook event entitled ‘Spiritual Growth’.  We were both intrigued but a little apprehensive at the same time, not really sure what lay in-store for us.

We had the address details, but as we drove down the narrow street in the dark, we soon realised that it was to be held at a lady’s home. Google maps guided us and we headed up the driveway into the back garden and we were then directed to the granny flat outside.

Before entering the small building we were each ‘cleansed’ with smoking sage.  A bundle of white sage was burned and then waved in front, above and behind each of us.  Using burning sage in this way is a tradition of many ancient culture.  The word ‘sage’ comes from the Latin word ‘Salvia’ which stems from the word ‘to heal’ and is believed to give wisdom, clarity and increase spiritual awareness.

The little room was filled with fairy lights and candles, with lots of cushions and blankets, setting the mood before we began our journey. We started with some pranayama – yoga breathing practice, some affirmations to clear our blocks and release negative energy before we did a deep chakra clearing meditation. The energy was strong in the room  as we repeated clearing affirmations all the way through our chakras.

It felt good, and then we got to the crown chakra I received a strong visual. It was of a cornfield in the late afternoon, the sun was streaming through the field and I felt warm, at peace and protected.  My visual then changed into colours, first yellow, then orange, then green. The colours were swirling around like I was in outer space. It was an intense experience that felt comfortable but a little crazy and out of body like as well. 

We followed this meditation with intuition readings where we focussed our attention on each person, closed our eyes and then after a few minutes relayed to the person what we heard, saw or felt.  It was incredible to hear what each person said and how relevant the comments were. Some of us just received a visual while others received voices and saw a full scene.

This evening and experience had a big impact on me.  I’ve always been intrigued by the meta-physical world, but I’m also a naturally analytical/logical thinker so I’d always been quietly suspicious of these things, thinking that they were hocus pocus or a little too woo woo for my liking.  However, I have found that over the last few years as I am getting a better handle on my doubtful, untrusting and fearful mind and spending time in meditation that I am opening up space for something else, something way bigger than me, that’s full of possibility and love.  

The challenge now is to not be attached to the outcome of having these experiences in meditation, to enjoy them if and when they come but not be disappointed if they don’t come.  To keep showing up to my meditation pillow and connecting to the peace within me, that is always there, that is all knowing that everything is ok and is as it should be.

And the best thing of all is that this quiet stillness is within all of us and is available to be accessed whenever you are ready. Enjoy your meditation journey and let me know how it goes for you.

Namaste ॐ


Over to you

Have you had a spiritual experience in your life?  

How did it make you feel? Did it change the way you approach your life?

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