Ep #8 – The dance of life w/ Andrew Mournehis

Andrew Mournehis has been teaching yoga for nearly 20 years.  He’s come from a diverse yoga background and teaches a combination of hatha, bhakti and tantra yoga. He is a creative, joyful and heart centred teacher and his classes are rich in tantric philosophy and story telling.  He is also a transpersonal counsellor specialising in groups. And more recently he’s combined four of his loves – mythology, story-telling, yoga and dance into a new exciting concept called dance of the deities.

I first met Andrew 9 months ago at one of his philosophy nights in Melbourne where he explores the stories of the gods and goddesses and cleverly makes them relevant to today’s challenges. Andrew has an innate ability to ask powerful questions and hold the space in a loving way for his students to unravel what’s truly going on for them.


In this episode you’ll learn:

  • How yoga is more than a physical practice and can help to facilitate deep healing
  • What embracing the dark and the light parts of ourselves really means
  • What tantric yoga is and how the teachings can help us
  • Tips on how to bring awareness to the parts of ourselves that are unconscious
  • What the ‘inner child’ is and how to work with it
  • How studying the deities – the gods and goddesses can help to grow and heal us
  • Who goddess Kali is and how she can help us to bring more wholeness into our lives


To connect with Andrew, go to:

Website: http://www.divinegrace.com.au/

Instagram: @divinegraceyoga #danceofthedeities

Listen below or on the iTunes podcast app.


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