Life today can be 'busy'.

With full schedules, it can feel like there's hardly any time to take a breath.......

We're running from meeting to meeting, social engagements, family get togethers and then trying to fit in the gym/yoga, the shopping, cooking, cleaning...

It can seem as though our lives are just one big To-Do-list.

And when we're running around and being pulled in so many directions, it can make us depleted, reactive and if we're not careful, we can get sick.

Here's the thing though, there is more to life than this.

  • You can jump off this eat-work-drink-sleep repeat cycle of stress, exhaustion and same-ness.
  • You can find a sense of calm, space and stillness in your every day life.
  • You can find your inner resilience, un-reactive self.
  • And you can find a sense of meaning and fulfilment in the day-to-day.

How do I know?   Because I've done this - see my story here

What I know to be true is that we were not put on this earth to be running on a hamster wheel, putting our own happiness and health on the line.

Is it finally time to listen to the cry inside of you that's calling out for a break from this cycle?

Because truly, 'nothing changes if nothing changes'

I offer 1:1 coaching packages over a 4 month period that are tailored to your needs, where you're truly heard, and invited to explore new depths of yourself in a supportive and accountable environment.  This type of coaching can help you to move forward, release the stuck-ness and equip you with a lifetime's worth of techniques and tools to release stress, support your sense of wellbeing and find your flow again.

About Coaching


My coaching is focused on helping my clients to feel their best through positive lifestyle changes. I provide tools, guidance and keep my clients accountable to their goals.

And I listen, really listen.

We work to unlock what's keeping you stressed, stuck and driving your feelings of ill-health. And my programs are tailored to YOU - your individual needs. They're based on what's happening in your life, where you want to go and how I can support you to get there.

My belief is that you are your own healer, you are your own guru.

Our bodies are these incredible little healing machines, the thing is we were never taught how to build a connection with them, to listen to their intelligence and so we have learnt to rely on external solutions to our problems.

However, if we go inward, we will find the answers. Because we have all the answers for health and happiness within us.  But things can get muddy at times. We can get so caught up in our heads that we lose clarity and feel a little lost.

And that's where I come in. I will help you to draw out your clarity, by skilfully asking the RIGHT questions, supporting you to create your intentions/goals and keeping you accountable. So that you can achieve the life that you desire and definitely deserve.


My Programs


We will work together over a 4 month period, during which time I'll support you to find the ROOT CAUSE of your feelings of stress, lack of fulfilment, boredom or overall feelings of dis-ease & lack of energy. By identifying the blocks that are holding you back we'll then explore together how you can take your life in the direction you want. To bring back your vitality, your lust fo life, and your sense of purpose.

I use a combination of coaching techniques, spiritual and yogic methods to help re-frame what's going on for you, help you to connect with your body and release your physiological responses to stress and exhaustion.

Our goal together will be to bring about a healthier, happier and more fulfilled YOU

My programs centre around:

  • Identifying the root cause of your feelings of ill-health
  • Delving deep to define your personal values
  • Prioritising self care
  • Eating to nourish, not to deprive
  • Exercising to care for your body not to solely lose weight
  • Helping you re-connect with your body
  • Providing you with a life-time worth of techniques to manage stress
  • Bringing about the best of YOU into the world

Gradual small changes taken step by step, lead to BIG results, without the overwhelm.

These programs are for you if:

  • You're committed to your health and getting the most our of your life
  • You're willing to put in the work
  • You want to make a change

How do I know these things and why do I love this work?


Because I know how this feels as I've felt these things too


I'm a certified Integrative Nutrition holistic coach, yoga and meditation teacher.

I literally live and breathe this stuff.

Over the last five years I've been on a journey - physically (travelling across many countries) but also mentally and spiritually.  I've learnt so much in the process about myself, but I've also learnt that many of the destructive thought patterns that had kept me STUCK are actually things that all of us deal with at some point in our lives.

I've learnt that fresh nutritious food eaten daily, topped with copious amount of water, exercise and quality sleep is essential for our health and wellbeing. It's a non-negotiable.

ALSO I believe:

+  In the strength of the mind-body connection and the impact that our belief systems, our thoughts and the way that we operate and relate with the world has a HUGE impact on our overall health and happiness.

+ We're so similar but also so different. Therefore the way to heal and nurture ourselves is not the same for everyone. It's important to connect with our own body to understand what it needs from us.

+ In the importance of moderation, balance and following your heart.  You are already complete and beautiful just as you are. I don't subscribe to diet fads, deprivation or 'fixing' to get well.

+ That you are a powerhouse and a fabulous being. You have so much greatness within you, and all the answers lie within you.

My qualifications


I'm a certified holistic coach,  having completed my studies at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York. 

During my studies I learned from some of the best teachers and top health and wellness experts in the world, I learned innovative coaching techniques, lifestyle tips and studied up to 100 different dietary theories.

I'm also a Yoga Teacher (RYT 350hrs), teaching Vinyasa and Yin yoga styles. I initially studied Ashtanga at Ajarya yoga academy (RYT 200hr) in Rishikesh, India in 2014. Since then I've continued my training -  I studied Vinyasa yoga (RYT 200hr) with Jessie Fenech at Grow School, advanced vinyasa sequencing (45hrs) at Power Living and Yin yoga (50hr) with Jen Cresenzo and (50hr) with Jo Phee.  I teach at studios in Melbourne, businesses and to private clients.

I'm PASSIONATE about you achieving what you most desire in life and I offer 30 min complimentary discovery sessions where we can explore your  goals, get to know each other and see if working together is right for you.

Let's do this!

Book in for your 30 min complimentary discovery session and begin this exciting journey to self directing your life.


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