Christmas, refections & gifts

Christmas, big reflections & gifts

It’s almost Christmaaaaas!

Oh my, what a year 2018 has been.

I’ve personally had lots of ups and downs & oh so many lessons, learnings and growth….

  • How’s your year been?
  • How did you go with your personal goals – health/hobbies/spirituality/travel/relationships?

I know that for myself, as I begin to review the year that’s been. I can definitely feel into a whole lot of growth. Just when I break through another self imposed limiting belief, I find another.

But you know, each and every time I break through another fear, another limiting thought I become a little more FREE.

 More the true and the real me.

This year in my business I’ve worked 1:1 with a bunch of phenomenal clients, I’ve supported them on their journey to drop unsupportive patterns of thinking and behaviour. To help them build more healthy habits into their day to day. To become their own best friend and achieve their dreams.

I’ve also led a bunch of different workshops – from yoga specific workshops to practical workshops tapping into our creative centre and also my most recent ‘Nourish You’ series where I combine yogic principles with practical tools, wellness research and discussion (there’s two more workshops next year, check it out here.

Oh and such a highlight this year was when Tom, my husband and I headed to Asia for 7 weeks – to spend quality time together, explore the world, meet other creative people and have fun and adventure!

But what I’ve learned to be true, is that building our dream life begins with inner work.

If you’re lying on the couch eating all the chocolate or drinking the bottle of wine or zoning out in front of netflix night after night, well the body and mind aren’t in the peak condition to help make the dream life a reality (and if we get real honest, most of the time there’s a reason why we’re reaching for the chocolate and feeling lethargic in the first place…..yep!)

These things can just be a convenient way to avoid looking at what’s going on under the surface.

Gosh. I know, because I’ve been there too.

So that’s why with my coaching we start with looking at the physical – what you eat, what exercise you do, how you feel currently. We look at stress levels, self care tools, mindfulness, and purpose. What’s working and what’s not working so well.

Then we look at the mindset stuff. And unravel the root cause behind any feelings of ill health, lethargy, exhaustion, lack of motivation, stress.

And this combination is where all the magic happens.

It’s enlightening.

And something I am finding so often, with clients and yoga students is that many women are caught in a cycle of doing, trying to keep up with it all and then not making time to prioritise themselves. This is what leads to burnout, adrenal fatigue and a host of other medical conditions over time.

So my love, during this festive season, (because we all know how things can get even more full during December) can you ask yourself these questions:

  • Where in my life can I slow down a little more?  
  • Can I take a few more conscious breaths as I move about my days?  First thing in the morning, at lunchtime, in the car, before sleep. If you’re unsure about what I mean by conscious breathing, not to worry next year I will be sending out some  videos on how to consciously breathe. More to come……
  • Can I notice when I feel overwhelmed & exhausted and stop, ask myself what  I need:
    • is it a hug from a loved one?
    • is it a delicious bath?
    • a cup of tea with a candle and good book on the couch? 
    • a walk in nature?
  • Can I become more aware of myself?  Notice when you become more cranky. When you blame others. When you become reactive. What’s going on in the background? What are you thinking? Know that this is the time to listen within. Know that this is when you need to give yourself some nourishment.

When we’re tired we can expect others to know what we need, to act a certain way to show us the love that we want.  And this can affect our relationships, particularly with the ones we love the most.

So darling, keep filling your cup up. Say ‘no’ when you need to. Tell people what you need. Always with kindness to yourself and others.  

And then just notice how things change around you. It’s a magical thing.

If this sparks some interest in you and you’d like support with setting your wellness and life goals & receive accountability from a coach that gets it?

Book in for your free 30 min discovery session.

I’m taking on new clients for 2019 in my 3-4 month coaching packages.

Also I have a few Christmas gifts for  you:

  • Download your free yoga nidra meditation. Perfect to let stress/tension drip away.
  • Download my ‘find calm in the chaos’ mini e-book
  • Download your self care commitment page (perfect for popping down your self care activities, so that when you’re tempted to reach for the bottle of wine or scroll on instagram you have something more nourishing to gift yourself)

Wishing you a light-filled, calm and peaceful Christmas season.

All my love

Claire x

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