Change – transformation through discomfort



Love it or hate it, it’s a part of life.


Have you noticed how we try desperately hard to control our lives (and if we’re honest, at times, we try to control the lives of others).
But why do we do this?

Maybe, to prevent the discomfort that we feel when something new comes into our life.


But the thing is, change is inevitable, it’s happening constantly in nature – the seasons are cyclical, the weather changes, the tides change, the flower blooms, the leaves drop from the trees…


It’s a paradox because flowing with changes as they occur – riding the wave of change, embracing it, trusting it, is actually far less stressful than resisting the inevitable.  The thing is, it just seems so difficult to do.


As humans, we seek pleasure and not pain.  If we’re comfortable then why would we want to change, the unknown could bring about pain and discomfort?


I think it’s because we have a hard time trusting that this new-ness is what’s meant for us. Trusting that it’s necessary for our evolution, our growth and development.


So we resist it.


We struggle with it, we fight it, scream, shout, feel sorry for ourselves.  But the thing is, it’s happening whether we like it or not, so by taking a deep breath, leaning in and going on the ride, it can make the whole journey far less stressful for ourselves and others.


As the saying goes ‘what we resist, persists’.


As a child I HATED change, any slight change in routine and I’d freak out.  I tried to control everything around me, I even had my special seat at the dinner table, on the couch, in the car (!!)   So you can imagine the pain I kept finding myself in as I was resisted change that kept persisting, because change was happening whether I liked it or not.


I’m not sure what happened, but I reached a certain age, and I started to bring change into my life, subconsciously I’d realised that this way of being wasn’t working out for me.


And you know what, I then started to thrive off it, bringing more change into my life.


Mixing things up, becoming more spontaneous, taking myself out of my comfort zone, and jumping into things before I was ready.  What I came to realise was that by doing this, this is where I finally met with life.


The excitement, the vibrance and the energy that comes from getting out of our comfort zone – by bringing new things into our lives but also embracing and flowing with the changes that are happening and knowing that this is necessary for our evolution, even if it feels uncomfortable, even if it hurts, if it saddens us, or we feel lost.


So this learning that I’d like to share is this……invite and embrace change in life, flow with the changes that you don’t have control over, flow with what you don’t feel is right, fair or ok.


Allow it to be and know that everything is happening as it is meant to.  Take a deep breath and feel into the ride.


Much love


Claire x




I’d love to hear from you, how do you deal with change in your life?



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