Ep #1 Sankalpa w/ Claire Bradshaw


This is the first episode of Becoming Whole podcast where I talk about the sankalpa – intention for this podcast.


I’ve always had this inkling that there was more to life than what I could physically see.  I was constantly on the look out for that ‘thing’ to fill the void. I spent most of my time in my head, in my thoughts.I felt disconnected from myself and from others and I thought that to fill the void was looking to look outside of myself – shopping and drinking were my vices.


I know that I’m not alone, it’s part of being human. When we’re disconnected, when we feel like there’s something wrong with us, then we have a tendency to look for things to ‘fix us’ to fill the void. Whether it be relationships, sex, food, gambling, drugs…social media.  These things make us feel good for a short time, but then we go back to feeling the same way and we need that next ‘hit’.  It can be a vicious cycle.


For me I began re-connecting with myself when I travelled around Latin America for 18 months, challenged myself, faced my fears, began meditating, learned how to breathe properly, connected with my body through yoga.  The more ‘space ‘ I created in my life, the more my intuition spoke to me, the more I showed myself love, questioned my beliefs and ways of being in the world, the more fulfilled I began to feel.  I then completed my yoga teacher training in India and studied to be a wellness life coach. I knew I wanted to share what I’d learned with more people as I’d had a huge transformation – body, mind and spirit.


This podcast will shed a light on other people’s journeys and how they’ve taken steps to living a life of wholeness and alignment with who they truly are. We’ll be exploring the ups and down and the twists and the turns and everything in between.


I’m so excited by these interviews, so get ready to be inspired as we dive right in.


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