Fall in love with the life you’ve got


I see you beauty working so hard. Doing all of the ‘right’ things.  The things that you’ve been told will give you a happy and successful life.

You’re running around like a headless chicken to keep everyone happy, achieve, hustle, be liked. You have a good job, and you’ve worked your butt off to get there, you’ve got all the material things - the car, the home, the nice clothes, the holidays.  


But something feels like it's missing.

You’re exhausted.

You’re tired of being tired.

And maybe you feel like you always run short of where you’d like to be

This endless pursuit for perfection is running you down.


And something inside just doesn’t feel ‘right’ anymore?

Perhaps you want more fulfilment and meaning

Perhaps you feel like there must be more to life than this

Perhaps you want to stop time to catch up on all of your to do's

Perhaps you want to run away from it all to a tropical island and rest


I want you to know that I compassionately see you, because I’ve been there too.


If you have thought that there could be a better way. Another way to live life with more joy, more fulfilment, more feeling good and less stress?  Where you are proud to be you.


Well there is lovely and it's my mission to show you how.




Years ago I was working in corporate marketing. I’d worked hard to get into this career and I 'felt good' when I told people what I did for a living.  They got it and I felt ‘successful’.

But reflecting back, that good feeling was external not internal. After a few years of doing a lot of overtime, pumping out marketing plans, new product launches, something just didn’t feel right anymore. 

I was stressed and tired most days. I was addicted to coffee and I was in the habit of guzzling a few glasses of wine in the evenings.  I kept myself 'busy', planning and living for the next weekend or holiday as a means to escape my reality.  I essentially numbed out these feelings of unhappiness with anything I could, anything that could distract me from feeling and truly listening to myself.  

And then I got physically ill.  I was riddled with dizziness, nausea, stomach issues, skin rashes.  I saw doctors and specialists who just prescribed a bunch of pills to help me deal with my symptoms. I had an intuitive feeling that if I didn’t address the cause, then the symptoms would get worse.

Six months later Tom (my hubby) and I had sold almost all of our possessions and we were on a one way flight to Latin America. I knew I needed space and time to work it all out and I was in desperate need of adventure and nature time.  As soon as I hopped on that plane, all of my symptoms disappeared.

That’s when I truly saw the power of the mind-body connection.

It was the fuel I needed to begin my journey.

To understand myself.  To delve into my inner world, to study and then to teach and share with others.

'I believe that we have all the answers within us for health and happiness. It we stop, breathe and still our minds, and move away from our everyday distractions and never ending 'to do lists', we'll begin to hear the whispers stirring in our soul guiding us in the right direction....'


I know that I'm not the only one with these experiences. I work with countless clients and the one thing that so many people have in common is that they're stressed out. They're busy going from meeting to meeting, project to project, hardly taking a breath and appreciating the here and now. And as time goes on it's taking a toll on their health and wellbeing, their happiness and their relationships.

And life is flying by - days turn into weeks, into years. And there's this feeling of 'one day......when X happens I'll look after my health/I'll exercise more/I'll do the work that really lights me up...I'll have the life of my dreams'.

The thing is if we don't begin to address this stuff now, well then how will we create the life we truly desire for ourselves.


Unfortunately, it won't magically appear if we don't take action.

Ask yourself the questions -


Are you living a life that’s the life you want to live?


Are you living according to your own personal values?


Are there things you want to do in your life, and do you have a plan to get you there?    


So if you want more from this life. If you know in your heart that there is more for you.  Then know that this is your internal guidance system directing you in a new direction.  It's time to begin listening and then taking action.

This is such an exciting time!


If you're ready take charge of your health and  your life and begin directing it towards more wellbeing, towards feeling a sense of calm, direction and overall joy in your day to day, then book in your free 30 min discovery session with me.

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My qualifications

I completed my RYT 200 hr yoga teaching qualification in March 2014 and I'm a certified wellness life coach.  I live in Melbourne, Australia with my husband Tom. I coach clients 1:1 on Zoom, I teach yoga at various studios, and run workshops. I also host the podcast 'Becoming Whole'. Check it out here

And I passionately love to help people along their journey to wellbeing.

I believe that by breathing slower and deeper, by showing ourselves more love, eating well, sleeping well and moving well, then fabulous changes, bit by bit, will start to manifest into every area of our lives.

I can't wait to meet you.

With love

Claire x