2019 Vitality Kickstart Package


As we near the end of 2018,  have you started to wonder what 2019 has in store for you?

Perhaps a part of you is feeling ready for a change in 2019, whether this is to take better care of your wellbeing with a healthier diet,  improved self care, a stress management & mindset supportive routine.

Or maybe you're ready to begin tackling a change in career, finding more of a sense of purpose and meaning into the New Year.

All of this is entirely possible for you.

If you're hearing these messages then it means you are ready to commit to yourself

Here's the thing though........

We can have these fleeting thoughts, and then with the busy-ness of life, they can get pushed to the side and before we know it months have flown by and then we tell ourselves that next year is the year.

Oh hello, procastination.

I totally get it. I had many years myself that flew by in a bit of a blur. It was only when I sat down and committed to myself that I began to create healthy habits and routines that support me to show up with vitality, and live a more purposeful and enjoyable life.

That's why I'm so excited to launch the 2019 Vitality Kickstart Package, to support you to achieve your goals in 2019, whilst feeling full of energy and purpose. (*This package is only available in Dec 2018 and Jan 2019)

This package includes:

  • 60 min coaching call with me to get clear on what 's working and what's not working and then create clarity and focus on  your goals for 2019 (value $130)
  • 20 min simple morning yoga sequence video - to start the day fresh, open, and full of vitality for the day
  • 10 min guided meditation - to relax the body and mind at the end of the day and prepare for sleep
  • A downloadble selfcare template  - this will be your personalised go-to list throughout the year, to support you with healthy habits that maintain your energy levels and help brevent burn out

This package is perfect for you if you have felt exhausted, uninspired and overwhelmed throughout 2018 and you're looking to begin 2019 with fresh energy, more purpose, direction and inspired about where you're taking your life.


After completing this package you will:

  • Have clarity on your goals and a personalised plan to get you there
  • Simple tools and strategies to help best care for your body & mind in 2019
  • A simple yoga sequence to follow either in the morning or at anytime you need  more energy and vitality
  • A guided meditation to help you drop into a more relaxed state, perfect to help you have a deeper sleep
  • A go-to selfcare template that can help support your energy and vitaity levels through the year, but also something to return to at those times when you feel depleted and it can be tempting to binge watch netflix or drink multiple glasses of wine

So if you're ready to make 2019 about feeling good in your body and mind, but also with a sense of purpose about where you're headed, then this package could be just what you're looking for


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